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The Ultimate standard mixer for both installation and mixing.

Superb sound quality, XLR balanced outputs and EFFECT SEND/RCV to give you the best in its class.

Our standard Vestax series have been used for over 20 years, and to this day we still see our mixers in various venues, studios and with the DJs who originally and still perform with. Through long years of experience and knowing what it takes to have top quality and functional mixers, Vestax has always answered back to meet the users demands.

Professional DJ equipment is what we do and have been best at, but with the growth in DJ set-ups in lounges, restaurants, etc, we've used our technology and experience, and have applied them into these markets.

With the users like lounges, clubs and djs using our products throughout many years we've applied the highest in standards with, balanced XLRs for quality noise reduction outputs, a cross-fader that can be switched to a

PCV from regular to suit the demands of the DJ whether he or she is in the mix or a scratcher (or both), and also a cross-fader curve switch for the DJ wanting sharp cut-in times or switch it off for the smooth mix. This is the VMC XL series


Effects are now widely used by the majority of mix DJs, but typically on mixers similar to the VMC-185XL, the effects send signal is a simple ON or OFF switch.
On the VMC-185XL the effect signal is controlled by a volume knob (rotary).
By turning the effect volume knob from itsminimum setting (left) to its maximum setting (right) a DJ is able to control the way the effect influences a particular mix.

The VMC-185XL features a superb 3-band isolator on each PGM. Unlike several other competing mixers the isolator on the VMC-185XL offers infinity cut (100%),
and a boost of+4dB. This means that a DJ can cut out 100% of the Low, Mid and Highs or boost them by 4dB. In addition to being able to make adjustments using the isolator volume knobs, the isolator feature is selectable to either on or off. Therefore, a DJ can set the isolator to the desired level and then turn it on or off depending on the mix.
This is a great feature for creating extra dynamics in a breakdown of a track or in the building up of a track.

 *PCV Fader
The VMC offers an Upgradeable Input Fader
The cross fader is arguably one of the more important features on a DJ mixer. With a PCV fader, there is greater accuracy, improved feel and much better acoustic clarity.

 *User Upgradeable Input Fader
Users can upgrade the input faders on the VMC-185XL to the same 60mm PCV input faders as used on the PMC-37Pro (IF-37). A PCV, plastic conductive volume, fader is a high-grade fader typically used on the most expensive mixers. Users who are after very smooth input controls with very best in sound are recommended to upgrade to an IF-37 (PCV)fader.

 *Numerous Input Possibilities
There are eight input lines to choose from and a further 2 MIC lines on the VMC-185XL. Of the eight input lines, 3 are dedicated to phono with the rest being RCA lines.
PGM1 and PGM2 both have 2 x RCA lines and 1 x Phono line with the Sub Channel having 1 x Phono and 1 x line. Selecting between any input on a given PGM is accomplished through a selector switch located at the top of each PGM section.

 *MIC Inputs
The two MIC inputs are split into main MIC, which has its own level control and 2-band EQ, and a sub MIC that is controlled through the SUB channel. The main MIC has a cue select switch and is also able to be assigned to an external effects unit. The signal sent from the main MIC channel to the effects unit is POST MIC EQ.

 *Master & Sub Master Controls
Both the master output and the sub master output have separate volume level controls. This is helpful where the VMC-185XL is used for installation or live performance as the sub master can be used as a seperate booth monitor. The main output also has a L-R balance pot.


Size •290(W)×110(H)×395(D)mm / 4.0kg