VMC-002 XL    


(Discontinued Product)



Hi-spec performance from a compact economy body! Our standard Vestax series have been used for over 15 years, and to this day we still see our mixers in various venues, studios and with the DJs who originally and still perform with. Through the long years of experience and knowing what it takes to have top quality and functional mixers, Vestax has always answered back to meet the users demands. Professional DJ equipment is what we do and have been best at, but with the growth in DJ set-ups in lounges, restaurants, etc, we致e used our technology and experience, and have applied them into these markets With the users like lounges, clubs and djs using our products throughout many years wev'e applied the highest in standards with, balanced XLRs for the quality outputs, a cross-fader that can be switched to a PCV from regular to suit the demands of the DJ whether he or she is in the mix or a scratcher (or both), and also a cross-fader curve switch for the DJ wanting sharp cut-in times or switch it off for the smooth mix. The VMC XL series. .


 *3 band isolators(18dB/oct) that adjust frequencies from +6dB to minus infinity, loaded on each PGM channel allowing DJs to cut and boost dynamically.

 *5 channels > 5 phono + 5 line inputs - all provided with large rotary knobs. Each ALPS custom-made volume pot generates perfect torque and incredible durability.

 *Vestax's ultra smooth type cross fader, CF-RUS is included. The unit can be replaced with the highly durable and worldly known CF-PCV.

 *MASTER and CUE monitor can be switched instantly on the front panel. This allows DJs to CUE monitor with the CF monitor fader and practice through there headphones.

 *Designed with an professional image and simple layout. Crossfaders can be replaced easily thanks to the double panel system. Detachable strong aluminum rack ears to fit in small places. The durable and reliable design makes users feel safe with quality,performance and the highest specifications found in a mixer at such value.

 *The cross fader curve switch on the front panel, for the mix or for the scratch.

 *Balanced XLR outputs.