VCM-600 USB MIDI Controller


The VCM-600 is a DJ MIDI controller designed with Vestax mixer technology. 160 parameters of the DJ software can be assigned to the advanced control section, and has excellent compatibility with Ableton LIVE.
The VCI series was designed with JOG wheels to duplicate turntable operation. On the other hand, the VCM-600 is a controller specialized for mixing, which offers excellent performance to DJs who mix with digital music media and computer based systems.
The VCM-600 shares the same quality control parts used on Vestax mixers and 2 LED panels are placed on each side of the controller to illuminate the top panel for clear operability and vision in clubs. 


The following artists are using this product.
Vestax VCM-600  
  • The VCM-600 can control 160 parameters of Ableton Live software and other MIDI compliant DAW software with high resolution MIDI signals sent via USB.
  • Multi track control (track bank)
  • High quality input faders and pitch faders from the VCI-100 and PMC-580 are also applied to the VCM-600 for advanced operability.
  • Vestax quality Input fader/Cross fader curve control
  • Simple plug & play activation with Macintosh and Windows operating system computers.
  • Lightweight, high durability aluminum body
BUNDLE SOFTWARE : Ableton Live Lite 7 Vestax Edition


  • Seamless operation with VCM-600
  • Audio Resolution : 32bit - 192kHz
  • Audio & MIDI tracks : 8
  • Scenes : 6
  • Send / Return tracks : 1
  • MP3 / Ogg vorbis / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / AAC compatible
  • Auto Warp function (auto tempo adjust)
  • Warp Multitrack
  • Audio effects: 24 (max 6 concurrently)
    Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Beat Repeat, Chorus, Compressor, Dnynamic Tube, EQ Eight, EQ Three, Erosion, Filter Delay, Flanger, Gate, Grain Delay, Phaser, Ping Pong Delay, Redux, Resonators, Reverb, Saturator, Simple Delay, Spectrum, Utility, Vinyl Distortion
  • MIDI effects: 7 (max 6 concurrently)
    Arpeggiator, Chord, Note Length, Pitch, Random, Scale, Velocity 
  • Intuitive audio recording and MIDI sequencing
  • More than twenty built-in audio effects, including a host of creative delays, filters, distortions, studio compressors and EQs
  • Includes two software instruments: Simpler for creative sample-based synthesis, and Impulse for dynamic, sampled drums
  • Supports VST and AU effects and instruments
  • Real-time time-stretching and warping of AIFF and WAV files for DJing and instant remixing
  • All editing of your musical creations are non-destructive so you can experiment without worries
  • Integrated single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation
  • Extensive built-in step-by-step tutorials
  • Localized software menus, tutorials, and PDF reference manuals available in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese
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*Please note Vestax does not resell or lease software bundled with Vestax products.

  • USB (Bus powered)
  • ADAPTOR (OPTION) : DC-9V 500mA
  • DIMENTIONS : 480(W)X310(D)X40(H)(Excluding knob height)
  • WEIGHT : 5 kg


Operating System

  • Windows
    Windows XP(SP2~)
    Windows Vista(SP1~) Ableton Live does not support to 64bit OS
    Windows 7(SP1~) Ableton Live does not support to 64bit OS
  • Macintosh
    Mac OS X 10.6 (10.7 compatible)


  • Windows
    CPU : 1.5GHz or better
    RAM : 512MB~(1GB~ is better)
    Available USB Port (USB2.0 Compatible)
    DVD-ROM Drive
  • Macintosh
    CPU : G4~ (Intel CPU is better)
    RAM : 512MB~ (1GB~ is better)
    Available USB Port (USB2.0 Compatible)
    DVD-ROM Drive

  • Audio Interface (ASIO or Core Audio correspondent)
  • Quick Time 6.5 or higher
  • Internet Connection  


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Stewart Walker with VCM-600


Shin Nishimura Euro Tour 2010


Shin Nishimura with VCM-600@Awakenings Japan Special




Luke Slater with VCM-600@Melt! Festival 2009(Germany)


VCM-600 Tutorial movies

VCM-600 User's Manual
(FAQ, Technical Support)