The history of the VCI-100

This photo, taken from the Vestax archives, marks the day that digital DJing changed forever.


Every year, Vestax holds an "International Product Meeting" near it's headquarters in Tokyo.
We invite distributors, DJs and music industry professionals to come together and discuss
plans for new products, based on where we feel the future of DJing is headed.


In 2006, this meeting was where the VCI-100 was announced for the first time. It may be hard
to imagine now, but at that time there were almost no MIDI controllers for DJing on the
market, and certainly none that provided the professional features and build quality DJs needed.
The VCI-100 was a revolution, providing plenty of faders and buttons for that controlling pro
DJ software, in a compact and solid unit. 


This photo shows some of the key people at Vestax who were involved with the design and concept
behind the VCI-100. Their faces are serious and perhaps a little worried, as the VCI-100 was the
first of it's kind and it was not clear whether such a product could be successful. But in the end,
the VCI-100 was a game-changer that set the standard for all other DJ controllers to follow, so
we're glad we took the risk!


These photos show some of the earlier prototypes of the VCI-100. You can have a sense for how
different concepts were iterated upon before the final design was fixed. This is a challenging part of
any product's development, but is particularly difficult when the product is totally new and so there
is no "standard" layout. The final design eventually became a classic that was copied by many others.


Dubfire                                                                   Secret Cinema

Geroge Kyriakou (Klik Records)     DJ Sarasa                             Hiroshi Watanabe                   


Each new Vestax product has always been associated with at least one famous artist who has given
their support to the product and used it to push creative DJing even further. In the case of the
VCI-100, feedback was gathered from many DJs and producers, but 2 people were especially
important: Hiroshi Watanabe and Ean Golden. Hiroshi-san introduced the VCI-100 to the Japanese
market and pioneered the use of controllers for DJing.  In the U.S and Europe,  Ean was the most
prominent advocate of the VCI-100, providing mind-blowing mappings on his DJ Tech Tools
website and even modifying his own unit to include the now famous "arcade buttons".


Ean Golden


Says Ean: "The VCI-100 was a remarkable device, and not only built the financial and social
foundation for this site but also kicked off a whole new breed of DJs which today are becoming
more and more mainstream. After packing keyboard controllers into clubs for years, it was a breath
of fresh air to finally see a respected DJ brand make a bold move and produce a serious software
controller. Toshi and the team in Japan deserve our enduring respect for being willing to take
chances and innovate."


Thanks to the DJ Tech Tools community, the VCI-100 has had a very strong following in the DIY
scene where users like to customise their VCI-100s, adding extra switches, LEDs and designing
their own color panels. We've picked a couple of our favourite mods here, gathered from
around the web.



Some users have even written their own special firmware to improve the internal functions of the unit. 



All of us at Vestax would like to say a sincere thank you to all the artists and DJs for supporting the
VCI-100 and making it the revolution that kickstarted controller culture. Long live the VCI-100!






- The Concept of Vestax
- DJ Tech Tools        
- Hiroshi Watanabe     

* All images are copyright of their respective owners 



VCI-100 Professional USB MIDI Controller

The VCI-100 is a highly professional MIDI controller that has two jog wheels built with sensor and control technology straight from our turntables.

One of the many additional features found on the VCI-100 is a curve generator that controls the crossfader curve giving the DJ true professional mixer features on this MIDI controller, even if the software being used doesn't allow for curve control.

The VCI-100 is built with the highest quality mechanical parts and state of the art PCB technology guaranteeing accurate and stable operation.

  • 90 parameters of various software are assignable to the VCI-100's control section via USB transmitted MIDI signals.
  • The JOG wheel is constructed with a high-resolution pulse sensor; touch sensor and acrylic platter mechanism. With this combination, operations such as pitch bending, scanning and scratching can be performed with speed and accuracy.
  • Every crossfader motion of the VCI-100 is digitally converted and sent to the software. Curve settings are generated with the built-in CPU, which allows you to adjust the crossfader curve to your preference whether or not the software you use has curve control.
  • The DATA SEND LED and JOG wheel SENSOR LED provides clear visual of the current status to assist in an authentic play mode in real time.
  • Operates both with USB bus-power and an exclusive power adaptor. (For best performance and stable operation, please use the power adaptor if the computer's power capacity is low or if using a USB hub)
  • There are no issues if you don't have software to operate. TRAKTOR LE (Native Instrument Inc.) is bundled to the VCI-100 with exclusive control assignment files.
  • The VCI-100 provides simple plug & play working with Apple and Windows operating system computers.
  • Compatible with all software that allows MIDI control assignment. Samples of MIDI control assignment files for each software will be available at
  • The metal body is almost the same size as a standard Laptop, thin but highly durable, compact and convenient for transportation.
  • DIMENSIONS: 360(W) x 35(H) x 252(D) mm (Excluding knob height) 


  • Loop/Sampler section
    Lighting Square Push Sw : 3pcs
    Round small Push SW + LED : 4 set
  • Cursor section
    Lighting Square Push SW : 5pcs
  • Channel section (per channel)
    Rotary Volume : 5pcs
    Small rotary volume : 1pce
    2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
    Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
    60mm High quality fader : 1pce
  • Effect and/or Universal section
    Lighting Square Push SW + Rotary Volume
  • Master section
    Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
    Small rotary volume : 3pcs
  • Pitch/Tempo/Jog section (per channel)
    45mm Fader volume : 1pce
    2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
    Lighting Square Push SW : 3pcs
  • Jog Wheel section (per channel)
    Touch sense SW : 1pce
    Touch sensitivity LED : 1pce
    High resolution pulse generator dial: 1pce
  • Cross fader
    45mm stroke variable curve generate fader : 1pce
  • Transport section (per channel)
    2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 4pcs
  • Rear panel section
    Touch sensitivity level volume : 2pcs
    C.F.curve control volume : 1pce
    Power SW (Adaptor/OFF/Buss power) 1pce


Latest version (Bundle Traktor LE)


Windows XP : SP2 or higher 32bit  (64bit not compatible)
Windows Vista : SP1 or higher 32bit/64bit
Windows7 : 32bit/64bit

CPU : Pemtium4 / Athlon 1.4GHz or higher
RAM : 1.0GB RAM or higher
OTHER: Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software 

*AMD, ATOM, Sempron, Intel Celeron, Centrino, CPU is not supported.


Mac OS X 10.6 (10.7 not compatible)
CPU : Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz or higher
RAM : 1.0GB or higher
Other : Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software


  • 2beat and tempo-synchronizable decks
  • Quick controller setup wizard
  • 4 classic DJ Effects
  • Ultra-Fast Database Browsing and iTunes-Import
  • Special upgrade to TRAKTOR PRO offer
  • System Requirements
    Windows XP (SP2),Vista(SP1), 7, Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz (SSE1) or higher, 1GB RAM
    Mac OS 10.5/10.6 Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1GB RAM

 >>large image

*Please note Vestax does not resell or lease software bundled with Vestax products. 


Previous Version (Bundle Traktor 3LE)

Operating System

  • Windows
    Requires Windows XP Service Pack 2. Does not support Windows 2000/98/Me
    NOTE: DO NOT connect to a Windows2000 Professional PC. The display will turn blue and the computer will freeze.
  • Macintosh
    Supports Mac OS X 10.4.7. Does not support previous system versions.
    Multi client environments that operate the VCI-100 with multiple software, is not supported.
    ※NOTE : Mac OS 10.6(Snow Leopard) not support
    -Traktor 3 LE does not support Mac OS 10.6
    For users who wish to use Mac OS 10.6, we recommend updating to Traktor Pro or Traktor Duo,for traktor 3 LE is currently not supported with Mac OS 10.6.



  • Windows
    CPU Pentium III 500 MHz (Advanced CPU required for laptops)
    Memory: 256MB RAM
    USB 2.0 Interface
    These minimum system requirements are for the VCI-100 hardware. If the software's system requirements are higher than the VCI-100, please prepare an advanced operating system qualified.

    *Intel Core i series are not supported.
  • Macintosh
    CPU:Macintosh G3 600 /
    G4 1.5 GHz or Dual Core 1.6 GHz 667MHz
    (A faster CPU is required for laptops)
    USB 2.0 Interface


  • 2 Beat & Tempo Synchronizable Decks
  • Instant Loop Function
  • 4 amazing Master FX
  • Integrated Beat port Store Access
  • Ultra-Fast Database Browsing and iTunes-Import
  • System Requirements
    Windows XP (SP2), Pentium III or Athlon 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
    Mac OS 10.4, G4 1.5 GHz or Dual Core 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM

*Please note Vestax does not resell or lease software bundled with Vestax products.

  • Power:9V, 150mA
  • Adoptor:DC 9V 500mA
  • Dimensions:360(W)×252(D)×35(H) mm (Excluding knob height)
  • Weight:2.6 kg
VCI-100 User's Manual
VCI-100 TSI for Traktor PRO/PRO2/DUO/DUO2(4band EQ Type)
VCI-100 TSI for Traktor PRO/PRO2/DUO/DUO2(3band EQ and Filter Type)
VCI-100 TKS for Traktor3.3 or 3.4
VCI-100 TKS for Traktor3.3 or 3.4 (4deck control)
(FAQ, Technical Support)