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Everything you need to DJ! 


Typhoon is an all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and software, offering total control to mix, scratch, and play music as a DJ would right at your fingertips.
The included software transforms your computer into a full-blown DJ system.
Whether for the beginner or seasoned pros alike, plug Typhoon into your computer and you become a DJ.


Operates with Mac and Windows systems  / ASIO driver for operation with Windows.



>Click here, and you can see the Typhoon Introduction movie.


> Touch Sensor Jog Wheels : High resolution, touch-sensitive jog wheels enable the user to DJ like in analog mode when scratching or mixing;
> Multi Channel Audio System : Typhoon comes with high quality sound for monitoring, master output and a separate microphone input.
> Compact and Light : Completely travel friendly, the unit is perfect for users on-the-go. A simple USB cable and  bundled software will have the user spinning wherever they please.




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Bundle software: Virtual DJ Vestax version 

It looks just like the Typhoon!

Virtual DJ is an audio/video mixing software developed by Atomix Productions Inc. It is used by Mobile/Club DJs and by millions of users in the world. The version bundled with Typhoon has been tailor made for intuitive mixing.

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*Please note Vestax does not resell or lease software bundled with Vestax products.

Virtual DJ Vestax version FEATURES  

  • Dual Players with Controls and Pitch
  • Internal Mixer with Gain and Equalizers
  • Key Lock/Master Tempo
  • Instant BPM Detection
  • Automatic Beatmatch
  • Automatic Gain
  • Smart LOOPS
  • Play Music Video and Karaoke

Virtual DJ Vestax version Screen image (Full Screen)

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Bundle Software: Traktor LE (berofe January,2011)

  • 2beat and tempo-synchronizable decks
  • Quick controller setup wizard
  • 4 classic DJ Effects
  • Ultra-Fast Database Browsing and iTunes-Import
  • Special upgrade to TRAKTOR PRO offer
  • System Requirements
    Windows XP (SP2),Vista(SP1), 7, Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz (SSE1) or higher, 1GB RAM
    Mac OS 10.5/10.6 Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1GB RAM

 *Please note Vestax does not resell or lease software bundled with Vestax products.  



*Support for Bundled software only.

Windows XP : SP2 or higher 32bit(64bit not compatible)
Windows Vista : SP1 or higher 32bit/64bit
Windows7 : 32bit/64bit
CPU : Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz (SSE1) or higher
RAM : 1.0GB RAM or higher
OTHER: Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software 

*Even if the clock frequency is sufficient to the requirement above, Intel Celeron、Centrino、ATOM, AMD and Sempron is not supported.


Mac OS X 10.6 (10.7 compatible)
CPU : Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz or higher
RAM : 1.0GB or higher
Other : Available USB port, CD-ROM drive, Hard disk space for music and software


    * Dimensions : 14"(W) x 9.5"(H) x 1.5"(D)
    * Weight : 1.5kg
    * Power Voltage : 5V 500mA
    * Power : USB power



NOTE : Except for Typhoon is not included.


*Typhoon bundles following accessories. Please check it all when you open the gift box.

-Owner's manual
-Quick start guide
-USB cable
-CD-ROM (Traktor LE)
-CD-ROM (driver)


-Typhoon Promotion Video By DJ HOKUTO!

Typhoon Introduction Movie (from USA)


Typhoon (Bundled Traktor LE)
User's Manual
Typhoon TSI for Traktor PRO/PRO2/DUO/DUO2
Typhoon (Bundled Virtual DJ LE)
User's Manual
Typhoon (Bundled Traktor LE) SUPPORT
(FAQ, Technical Support)
Typhoon (Bundled Virtual DJ LE) SUPPORT
(FAQ, Technical Support)
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