(Discontinued Product)



Over the past 10 years, many DJs from around the world have being asking for a shoulder strap type DJ equipment.
A piece that can be used to entertain the audience visually and to appeal the player's skills and techniques.

Proto types were made several times but never came to a final completion. The biggest reason was because there wasn't a way to avoid the needle from skipping at the particular angle.

But now, combined with digital CD technology, this idea has come to reality.

The S-1 Premium (Stage Controller) is hand made by Vestax and will be made to order, 20 pieces only. The coloring can be selected at your preference.


Interface:Vestax12inchPlatter control
Cue : 4 cue play/rec
Seamless Loop : start/stop/exit
Sampler: 8 sec sampler
Effect: Franger, Delay, Filter
Cross fader: 360dgree Free direction detachable PCV.
Color: order made
Size:850 × 330 × 80mm


Disc type: CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW
Sampling frequency: 44.1KHz
Dynamic Range: 98dB
S/N ratio: 98dB(IHF-A)
MP3 data: 320Kbps Mpeg 1 Audio Layer3

Stereo 2 channel mixer
Gain, 2band EQ, PCV Input fader, Cross fader curve control.
VCA control system.
weight: 9.75kg
size:410 × 250 × 120mm

Controller <--> PLAYER/MIXER
connect cable: 10m MAX


Limited production: 20pcs only