(Discontinued Product)





 *Vestax's orginal channel volumes hold an excellent resistance characteristic and an accurate torque control that provides the best sound quality ever found on any mixer. Vestax has also researched how to make 2 songs sound like one song in the mix that only can be brought to you by quality and perfection that Vestax delivers.
 *Condensers that effect the phase have been reduced in the basic circutry as well as using carefully selected electronic parts. Assembly technology and basic designs have all been produced carefully to decrease any sound deterioation. Fas and phat sounds are played through its wide headroom, from the large power capacity and Line transformer (PA OUT).

 *Input gain control, which was set on the rear panel of the R-1, has been placed on the front panel, allowing DJs to adjust the input level easily. This also allows DJs to mix CDs and vinyl together at the same volume.

 *High quality 4 band isolator with a frequency shift switch that gives DJs an option of setting the frequency separation point between HI and MID-HI and MID-LOW and LOW.

 *DJs can adjust their monitor sound by adjusting the 3 band EQ loaded on SUB MASTER OUT.

 *Stereo EFFECT SEND/LOOP on each input channel (back panel). No AUX circutries have been applied, since the sound is directly outputted.

 *L shape headphone plugs can now be used thanks to the newly designed flat front panel. It also has a clearer view of the LED indicator from the top.

Input - Line In (RCA) x 5 / Phone In(RCA) x 5
Output - PA Out (XLR 2 HOT) x 1 +4dB
Line Out (phone) 0dB
REC OUT (Phone) - 10dB
Booth Out (Phone) 0dB
Dimension(s) / Weight - 482(W) x 137(H) x 235(D)mm3U / 8.0kg
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