(Discontinued Product)


This project started from a suggestion by Q-BERT, asking for a new instrument for the turntablists of the next generation. To let them mix and scratch like playing a guitar and to spread out the fun to kids.The process of making a new instrument is a simple repeat of creation and destruction. Handmade proto types were made in 4 generations up to No.8, and with Q-BERT testing it for a year and a half, while checking the best position for each knob and feature. Tests for the 180 degrees pitch control, dynamic straight-arm, cross fader were run over and over. When all the problems were solved, the birth of QFO.


Input Line In x 2 (RCA)
Output Master Ou tx 1 (RCA)
Headphone (φ6.3PHONE) x 1 (STEREO MINIJACK) x 1
Dimension(s) / Weight 458(W) x 165(H) x 525(D)mm
/ 9.5kg

The following artists are using this product.


 *DYNAMIC BALANCE A.S.T.S. ARM - The A.S.T.S. arm is known for it's abilities of not skipping and has now evolved with applying the newly developed Dynamic Tone Arm system that resists skipping at any angle.

 *VESTAX DC MOTOR & DIGITAL SERVO - Original high torque motor as used in the PDX-2000 with great stability and reliability, and a high-grade digital servo that controls the motor in perfectly.

 *MIXER - The same Circuitry from the PMC-05Pro series is used in the mixer of QFO. RIAA, amp specialty, VCA control and curve control are all at the highest level of its technology.

 *CONTROL LAYOUT - Dual PLAY/STOP, QUARTZ LOCK and REVERSE controls lay out on each side of the cross fader to allow DJs the choice of their scratch hands and speedy access. The layout was also designed on a concept of how many features can be controlled at one time.

 *REVERSE & CURVE SWITCH - Reverse switches for the input fader and cross fader is set on the bottom of the QFO, a curve switch for the cross fader is on the front and for the input faders they are set above the fader.

 *SHOCK MOUNT DETACHABLE FADER - Conductive plastic PCV fader has been applied with a new shock absorbent technology called the Shock Mount method, securing supreme stability for the turntable.

 *+/- 60% PITCH CONTROL - A new style of pitch controlling is now possible thanks to the Spin Slide Pitch control. Slides 180 degrees with a selection of 3 control modes and a variety of linked scratch moves. It is also a very important feature when you're creating melodies with single note records.
 *PROGRAM CHANNEL - 2 line inputs and program channels with Trim and 2 band EQs. Line input and the QFO turntable can be assigned to each program channel and each side of the cross fader freely via the players choice, by simply using a select switch.

 *MONITOR SYSTEM - Unique stereo monitor system that can select each PGM and MASTER with the 3-point lever switch. Rehearsal play can be performed without sending the sound out to the hall when MASTER is selected, and headphone jacks can be selected from a stereo phone jack or a mini jack.

 *INSULATOR & BELT HOOK - The 4-foot insulators can be detached easily and 2 belt hooks (not included) can be attached for strap playing.

 *CD & MP3 SCRATCH - Digital scratching is now possible by mounting the TT-M1 on the QFO and connecting it to the CDX-05. With this new combination, music CDs and MP3s can be digitally scratched by using the QFO as an interface.

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