QFO LE    


(Discontinued Product)



 *60% Pitch Control - A new style of pitch controlling is now possible thanks to the Spin Slide Pitch control. Sliding 180 degrees with a selection of 3 control modes and a variety of linked scrtach moves. It is also very important feature when you're creating melodies with single note records.

 *Shock Proof Detachable Fader - A conductive plastic PCV fader has been applied with a new shock absorbent technology called, Shock Proof method, securing supreme stability for the turntable.

 *Monitor System - Unique stereo system that can select each PGM and MASTER with a 3 pointer lever switch. Rehearsal play can be performed without sending sound to the hall when MASTER is slected, and headphone jacks can be selected from a 1/4 inch headphone jack or a mini headphone jack.

 *Reverse & Curve Switch for input and cross fader

 *The 4 foot insulators can be detached easily and 2 belt hooks (not included) can be attached for playing the QFO by a strap.

 *Designed to allow DJs the choice of their scratch hands and speedy access

 *Digital scratching is now possible by mounting the TT-M1 on the QFO and connecting it to the CDX-05. With this new combination, music CDs and MP3s can be digitally scratched by using the QFO as an interface. Scratching like never before.

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Input Line In x 2 (RCA)
Output Master Oct x 1 (RCA),Headphone (φ6.3PHONE) x 1, (STEREO MINIJACK) x 1(1/4 inch jack) x 1
Dimension(s) /Weight 458(W) x 165(H) x 525(D)mm/ 9.5kg
Motor Direct Drive DC Motor
Maxium Torque 4.7kg/cm
Starting Torque 2.7kg/cm
Starting Time 0:5 sec (33 1/3rpm)
WOW Flatter 0.07% W.R.M.S.

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