Purpose built as the audio solution for any installation environment the Vestax PMC-500 is a comprehensive mixer engineered to the highest standards, refined to suit the style of a thousand genres and flexible enough to be used by anyone at anytime. No other solution is as complete.



*The PMC-500 has Five (5) dedicated line channels, each with a three (3) band isolator (HI, MID, LOW), seven (7) segment level indicator, numerous input options, great effects controls and super smooth 60mm tight torque rail slide fader.

  *Two (2) dedicated MIC channels, which can also be used as line channels. The main MIC channel has a XLR input whilst MIC 2 has an unbalanced 1/4 jack input. Both MIC 1 & 2 have MIC effect loop inputs (1/4) and two (2) band EQ (HI, LOW). Both channels are also switch able to line channels with a LED indicating which channel is active.

  *Quality Vestax PCV cross fader (user replaceable) with four pre-selectable cross fader curve settings for long or short mixing (scratching and cutting).

  *Flexible Auxiliary (AUX) Send and Receive (RCV) controls, both with volume level controls. AUX SEND is pre selectable to Pre, off or post with its own CUE switch. The AUX RCV has a seven (7) segment LED for active level metering.

  *Full Master and Booth controls. Both Master 1 & 2 and booth outputs are limitable. The attenuation switch is located under the top panel and pre selectable to -10dB or 0dB. The BOOTH level also has a dedicated two (2) band EQ for accurate monitoring and a BOOTH mute (100%) switch.

  *Advanced monitoring and headphone controls with dedicated two (2) band EQ (HI, LOW). The headphone signal is selectable to SPLIT CUE or STEREO CUE.

  *Fire Alarm MUTE function

  *High power AC-20 Adapter (+20/-20v, 1500mA).

Input Line In (RCA) x 12 Phone In (RCA) x 5 Mic In(XLR) x 1 Mic In (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1 Mic Effect Loop (φ6.3 PHONE) x 2 Aux RCV (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1
Output Master Out 1 (XLR 2 HOT) x 1 (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1 [Master Out ATT -10dB or 0dB ] Master Out 2 (XLR 2 HOT) x 1 (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1 [Master Out 2 ATT -10dB or 0dB ] Booth Out (XLR) x 1 (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1 [ BOOTH OUT ATT -10dB or 0dB ] Rec Out(RCA) x 1 Aux Send (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1 Mic Effect Loop (φ6.3 PHONE) x 2 Headphone Out(φ6.3 PHONE) x 1
Isolator 3 Band PGM
EQ 2 Band Line Channel 2 Band Line CH 2 Band Booth Monitor 2 Band H.P. Monitor
Dimension(s) / Weight 482(W) x 137(H) x 235(D)mm3U / 8.0kg   (PDF down load)
Power AC120V / 230V Fire Alarm Mute Function