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Welcome to the WORLD OF THE PROFESSIONAL HYBRID DIGITAL MIXER. To control your analog AD/DA conversion and digital signal processing, at the lowest latency rate and highest performance level. The PMC-08 Pro, an ULTRA ELITE 2 channel digital mixer in a class of it's own, UNTOUCHABLE from the rest.

The benefits of a Digital Engine DJing in real time digital performance, while keeping the importance of simplicity, yet a technological analog interface is what the professional DJ has been in search of.

With the highest demands from our Professional users of various technique, and needs of incorporating the finest parameters for their performances and styles, adjustable to their preference have made us reinvent the mixer allowing input sources to turn into digital data. With this new technology, we introduce you Vestax's Professional Hybrid DigitalMixer.

Vestax has turned the once quoted to be impossible, to become reality by bringing the 08 to life. Features that were only a dream with analog circuitry have been answered with a 24bit 96kHz DSP (digital signal processor).

Not only digital, but we've answered the market demands with the most valuable piece, THE FADER and introducing a new FADER technology. A mixer that not only has Effects send and return, but able for 2 per channel for DJs in the mix or into scratch performances. A mixer dedicated to sound quality is our goal, and we have delivered.

The first ever mixer with DSP EQ and Isolator features, to allow the DJ the richest in sound quality from the smoothest slope kills, to the deepest and quality of sound. Simply the industry needs a change, and here's the answer.

 *The benefits of a Digital Engine All input signals whether mixing, cutting, filtering, and all edit processing that runs digitally from Left to Right, through each channel or through the cross-fader is capable at crosstalk of -90db, levels unable to be ever thought of with analog mixers. Noiseless (distortionless), clarity and quality of sound, the sharpness in sound precision, what was once before thought of being impossible in perfecting,but now has become reality with Vestax technology. Furthermore, volume, fader control curves, EQ, or isolater, the cross fader cut-in time, are tuned up internally by its software, allowing future fine tuning to adjust all features to your preference. Finally we will also have available an optional USB board and iPod dock to make sure you can allow infinite digital connectivity.

   *With a 24bit 96kHz digital signal processor, this digital 2ch performance mixer is capable of everything necessary in digital perfection of any 2 channel mixer.

   *Components of the highest quality allows you to experience why Vestax is the industry standard, dedicated to only the best in performance and sound quality. Every piece constructing the 08 surpasses any mixer on the market, open it up and see for yourself.

   *The digital circuit built into the cross fader has the ability to cut out noises and sound leaks (especially the ones from the opposite channel). You may just call it the leak proof fader, as like no other cross fader it can adjust the cut in time digitally to your style whether it be a millimeter to nanometer. To the scratchers and performance DJs , the sharpest cut you can ever dream of is finally here. Not only was this new fader methodology built and tested at Vestax, but was designed and consulted from the best DJs in the World to bring the smoothest sound contour and control with the World's sharpest cut-in time only capable by digital precision. A new feel, a new technology, only at Vestax.

   *An incredible dual sound adjust system, a feature never seen before that allows you to switch the EQ to an isolator with a flick of switch. The isolator allows the sound to cut out for a full kill in sound, however will have less depth in sound quality and expansion. While the EQ feature can allow sounds to carry more depth for the DJ who prefer the max in boost levels (+12dB), and cross level points for high, mid and low EQs to perfectly match the track.

   *2 effect SEND/RCV stereo connections for DJs who want to expand their skills and styles with effects. Compact guitar effectors can be connected to make your style even more creative and for perfection, as we have added a selector to allow the DJ to match the levels of impedance for those using raw effects (effects, guitar effects). DJ requested and Sound Engineer approved!

   *Effects return can also be monitored beforehand by the monitor section with Session Cue.

   *The industries most powerful AC-20 has been applied as the power supply for the highest power levels for a digital 2 channel mixer in order to stabilize and enhance sound quality. The internal voltage has a +/- 18 Volt Regulator allowing the greatest in Headroom and dynamic range, for the sound conscious DJ.

   *The unique Matrix Assign system selects the sound source from INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 and assigns it to both PGM channels. Play the same track on both channels and add effects to only one. A feature that makes your play style creative and original, only capable on the 08.

   *Longer LED bars have been applied for accurate level readings. The LED can be switched to indicate each PGM or Master level and L/R of the monitor level. The LED is also made with peak hold in colors Green, Yellow.

   *A mute switch loaded on MASTER and BOOTH control. A sound engineer's dream and also for the DJ. No hassles with technicians and sound engineers on the stage or even at home by allowing you to have full levels, yet output kills for continuation of your performance for sound checking and mute playing via your headphones. Have you ever had the sound man say "DON'T TOUCH any levels!!!"? Well it's now solved.

   *Reinforced RCA, 1/4"and XLR plugs for maximum performance in quality and durability. Our plugs he been reinforced with a bolt system to give security on the road and on stage.

   *Grounding knobs have been maximized for better control and grip when using Turntables.

   *Currently in the works, is our new line-up of knobs. A more ergonomically feel with our cross and input faders, while we have new rotary knobs for the PERFECT feel in the mix and on the scratch.  


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