PMC-07Pro D
(Discontinued Product)



The most revered mixer in the World (PMC-07Pro) has now been enhanced for 100% precision. Never before heard of aggressiveness and responsiveness is more than possible with Vestax's digital crossfader. With multiple input and output options, 3 band EQ (each PGM), 2 band EQ (MIC), session mix capabilities & input fader reverse switches this is the best mixer for DJs seeking perfection in their sound and their equipment.

 *Front Panel : CF Reverse / IF Control / IF Reverse : The front panel controls give you functionality whilst not impeding your speed and access to controls on the top panel. The IF (Input fader) curve for PGM 1 & 2 can be set, independently for a steep or gentle curve, It can also be reversed, indicated in the LED display, so that the minimum point is now maximum and vice versa. At the flick of a switch, the CF can be reversed.

 *DIgital Crossfader : Samurai series mixers feature an amazingly precise and flexible digital crossfader. There are 4 basic crossfader curve settings available with a further 8 levels for each curve. Meaning that there are 32 digital crossfader curves available, each one as precise as the cut of a Samurai's sword. The digital crossfader system is made up of an element and a permanent magnet. As there is no contact between these parts, neither the element nor the magnet are susceptible to damage or degradation. Unlike optical faders, the digital fader is impervious to liquid spills and dust.

 *MIC Controls / PGM controls / EQ / Session Mix : The MIC inputs (Main / Sub) are easily adjustable. The main MIC sorce has a 2 band EQ with a 12dB to -12dB range. Each PGM features a 3 band EQ with a 6dB to -24dB range, an input gain control, and a left to right balance control. The PMC-07ProD comes with session mixing capabilities. This means that team play connection is possible through a 'chain' style set up. The master out of one mixer is connected to the 'session in' on the PMC-07ProD. The volume of the input 'session'signal is easily adjusted through the session mix dial. Connecting sevesal PMC-07ProD's can give you greater team dynamic control and freedom.


Input Line In(RCA) x 2
Phone In (RCA) x 2
Mic In (φ6.3PHONE) x 2
Session In (RCA) x 1
Output Master Out(TRS φ6.3PHONE) x (RCA) x 1
Headphone Out (φ6.3PHONE) x 1
EQ 3 Band PGM, 2 Band Mic CH
Replacement Fader CF-PCV / IF-05PCV
Dimension(s) / Weight 262(W) x 105(H) x 367(D)mm / 3.5kg
Power AC15V