PMC-06Pro VCA    


(Discontinued Product)


With a shaped up SLIM fit, this professional mixing controller is great for speed cuts and dynamic scratching. As the space between two turntables is considerably reduced, the possibility to perform some amazing juggling and other tricks is huge.




 *Front panel / CF Reverse / CF Mode / CF Monitor / Master Contorol : Despite its appearance the PMC-06ProA comes with some great features. On the front panel are all the controls that you'll need to set the perfect mix. Through the CF mode selector and reverse ‘Hampster’switch you can select a crossfader curve for either PGM 1 to 2 or 2 to 1, and then make the curve long or short. To give you some space before the fade, you can monitor your PGM by using the CF monitor.

 *PGM Controls : Each PGM comes equipped with a 2 band EQ, high low +/-12dB and left to right balanced volume. The level of each PGM can be set or adjusted by using the TRIM dial on each PGM


Input Line In (RCA) x 2
Phono (RCA) x 2
Mic In (φ6.3PHONE) x 2
Output Master Out(RCA) x 2
Headphone Out (φ6.3PHONE) x 1
EQ 2 Band PGM, Mic CH
Replacement Fader CF-PCV / IF-05PCV
Dimension(s) / Weight 262(W) x 106(H) x 330(D)mm /4.0kg
Power DC 15V 500mA (adaptor : DC-15A)