PMC-05ProSL VCA    


(Discontinued Product)



The SL has a long history here at Vestax.. Originally incorporating guitar effector technology and sampling, Vestax reinvented the DJ mixer adding this into the mix firstly with the PMC-17SL and then continueing on to the upgraded version the PMC-20SL, still used today by one of Japan's best, DJ Krush. Absent from the DJ scene for the past 10 years, the voices from the DJs have once again been answered with the World's number one Professional mixer, the 05 PRO with SL features. Experience a whole new mix and scratch with the all new PMC-05 PRO SL!A mixer that has and continues to change and evolutionize the DJ.


 *DIGITAL DELAY : A sound with a delay effect remains even after turning off the cross fader, which makes it able to create a delay effect to the scratch sound only. It is also able to set delay times with the TAP button.

 *SAMPLER : A Maximum 11.9 seconds of sampling is possible when using OVER DUB. Besides pushing the play button to start the sampled sound, it is able to start with a groove by raising the fader. Over dubs are infinite while loop playing a back track that has been sampled once and can as well delete the OVER DUB. The delay or sampler can also be assigned to the MIC channel.

 *FOOT SWITCH : A convenient option of using a FOOT SWITCH (sold separately) to start sampling when using both hands in play is possible. For a scratch performance the ON/OFF via the foot switch is a feature used by many. (Separately sold FOOT SWITCH: TASCOM RC-32P)

 *LEVEL/PLAY FADER with Curve Control Switch The Level fader acts and works as a Play Switch during sampling modes and gives an instant fader start feature when sampling data.


Input Line In (RCA) x 2
Phono (RCA) x 2
Mic In (φ6.3PHONE) x 2
Output Master Out(RCA) x 2
Headphone Out (φ6.3PHONE) x 1
EQ 2 Band PGM, Mic CH
Replacement Fader CF-PCV / IF-05PCV
Dimension(s) / Weight 262(W) x 106(H) x 330(D)mm /4.0kg
  (PDF download)
Power DC 15V 500mA (adaptor : DC-15A)