For DJs who have craved to see a Vestax turntable with an S arm and for mixing and scratching, the PDX-3000mix is now here. The new tone arm is constructed with high quality bearings which support the tone arm movement with great tracking ability and durability. The arm pipe is made from quality aluminum which provides a fine tone signal for quality sound pick-up and output.With the new torque simulator, the PDX can control its pitch to the finest precision to enable mixing to be near perfect. The PDX-3000mix (*1) is also the world's first turntable to have MIDI connection, which enables external MIDI devices to control the pitch.

  • The new torque simulator system enables DJs to adjust the rotation torque of the motor to their preference. This changes the characteristic of the pitch control, the touch of when slowing down the platter with your finger and when twisting forward with the spindle, especially when mixing.
  • Break control to adjust the stopping speed of the platter
  • The pitch control fader is slightly heavier than the previous PDX series for fine adjustment and advanced accuracy. The quartz lock button is turned off when the power is turned on.
  • Standard +/-10% pitch control and +/-50% pitch control.
  • Vestax's original DC direct drive motor obeys accurately to the electric signals sent to the circuit. The platter is screwed down to the spindle to prevent it from slipping toward the rotation direction.
  • The MIDI input connection on the PDX-3000mix combine's analog with digital, allowing external MIDI devices to control the rotation speed and sparking DJs with new ideas.


TORQUE SIMULATOR  The motor characteristic of which a scratch DJ and a mix DJ ask for is absolutely different. The most distinctive difference is the required servo characteristic of the motor.  DJs into scratching and turntablism need to have the motor always at a constant speed rate to keep the rhythm and pitch steady, no matter how hard they spin. On the other hand, DJs who are into the mix need to be able to finely adjust the pitch by touching the platter. And for all DJs, the motor must have a starting torque which immediately reaches the constant speed rate.   Vestax has sampled and digitally simulated these various servo characteristics, and as a worlds first feature, has made it adjustable with one little rotary knob. The torque simulator is a new feature which enables DJs to use the PDX-3000 for any style they wish. With the 3000, mixing and scratching is easier than any other while being able to scratch like no other turntable with the same PDX motor and features.  


Adjustable tone arm base

The arm base of the PDX 3000mix is constructed with a rubber cushioning to absorb unneeded vibrations which come from the body. This rubber cushioning is also applied to protect the body from feedback. Ideally, the tone arm height should be adjusted so that it is horizontal to the vinyl. Although, certain DJs (especially turntablists) will set the arm base to a higher position and add more needle pressure so the needle doesn't skip in any condition. The tone arm base of the PDX-3000mix is adjustable to the DJs preference.

Powerful Motor

The PDX-3000mix's direct drive DC motor has powerful torque and reaches a constant speed rate within 0.5 seconds from pushing the start/stop button. An extremely precise regulator is required to accurately control such a motor, and with the PDX-3000mix it is digitally (32bit CPU) controlled with a digital servo. This servo keeps the motor rotating no matter how heavily the pitch is changed, reverse button is pushed or the platter is pulled back. The platter completely obeys the motors movement by having it screwed down to the spindle of the motor.

Strong Body Material

The ultra strong foamed ABS plastic that constructs the body is advanced in durability, strong against feed back and is highly resistant to impact.

Air Suspension Insulators

The insulators (the feet) are filled with rubber for absorbing shock, and have airspace inside for better feedback absorbent.

Motor Direct Drive DC Motor
Starting Torque 2.7kg・cm
Starting Time 0.5sec (33 1/3 rpm) 70°
Wah Flatter 0.07% W.R.M.S.
Torque : Digital torque simulator
Tone Arm S Arm
Size/ weight 454(W)X162(H)X365(D)mm/9.5kg
Power AC100V

(*1) MIDI connection is a shared feature with the PDX-3000mix and Controller One