PDX-2000MKll Pro    


PDX-2000 MKll Pro
(Discontinued Product)



Improved to make it easier for beat matching and performance play, this new platter has been lowered to a height of 7mm high and has been given a flatter edge surface. The slip mat slips better thanks to the 6 canals on the topside off the platter. Tone Arm with Dynamic Balance technology. This tone arm just will not skip. Almost allowing a glued-on feature, your needle will seem skip-proof to the vinyl. The technology was incorporated to the PRO series PDXs to further strengthen the already fail proof Vestax PDX tonearms. The Dynamic Balance tone arms have a spring loaded weight system that allows you to freely adjust the tonearm to your preference of weight and balance. Make sure you to test it out at your nearest Vestax st 


- New arm base with a height adjust bar for accurate settings.
- Hinges for the dust cover have been taken off considering the turntable being set vertically and a L type RCA cable is included for easier setting.
- The pitch control fader performs with stabilized torque and high manipulation.
- The ultra pitch fader controls the pitch range by +/- 50%. Combined with the fine pitch fader, control of +/-
- 60% is possible. Easy one touch reverse switch makes the platter spin backwards instantly.
- From zero to desired RPM in 0.5 seconds, the PDX-2000's original high torque direct drive DC motor enables one of the fastest start up lines for any DJ turntable. Speed, torque start/stop time of the high-power DC motor are all controlled by a high speed 32bit CPU that increases the reaction time up to 1/100 seconds.
- The superb performance model for club or scratch DJs

 *NEW PLATTER - Improved to simplify beat matching and performance play, this new platter has been lowered to a height of 7mm (0.27") and has applied a flatter more smoother edge surface. Lowered to also match the mixer, the diamond cut platter is one of its kind.

 *NEW ARM BASE - This new arm base incorporates a new height adjustment system that accurately allows users to set the arm height and to return to a preferred height setting more easily. The floating suspension system has been noted as the most superior anti-howling feature available on any turntable.

 *FINE PITCH - Fast and accurate beat matching adjustment with a 100mm (3.93") +/-10% fine pitch control fader, without the center indent. The fader movement on this new model has been tightened in order to allow smaller and more accurate pitch adjustments. The Ultra Pitch Fader controls the pitch range by +/-50%. Combined with the fine pitch fader, a total pitch control of +/-60 % is possible.

 *DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR - From zero to desired RPM in 0.5 seconds, the PDX-2000's original high torque direct drive DC motor enables to be one of the fastest start-up turntables in the industry. This powerful motor is controlled by an accurate digital servo, allowing any pitch adjustment instantaneously operative to allow the user for an easier and more accurate mix. A motor durable enough for hours of continuous play and aggressive pitch changes, compatible to any style of DJ.

 *FUTURISTIC BODY - Shying away from tradition, the newly designed futuristic body of the mark ll captures the heart of innovation and design. The high-density molded body provides the best possible acoustic sounds and the highest reduction possible from feedback.

 *INSULATING FEET - The feet on the PDX series are made of molded polyacetal plastic which assists to reduce the effect of external vibrations. Limiting the effects of external vibrations result in a better sound with less feedback and/or howling. New technology to understand professionals.

 *FLAT REAR SURFACE - For performance DJs it is important that the position of the turntable be as close to the mixer as possible. Thus the new PDX models have a smooth rear face with recessed RCA connectors so that the turntable can be placed flat against the mixer (or each other) When the power is turned on Quartz lock will be off. The dust cover is not included with the turntable.


Motor Direct Drive Dc Motor
Starting Torque Max. continuous acceleration torque 4.7 kg/cm - Constant speed torque 2.7kg/cm
Starting Time 0.5sec (33 1/3 rpm) 70°
WOW Flatter 0.07% W.R.M.
Tone Arm Anti Skipping Tone arm System
Dynamic Balance technology
Measurement/ Weight 454(W)x 150(H)x 375(D)mm / 9.5kg
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Power AC 100V, 50/60Hz