The faderboard is a visionary combination of melodic and percussive instruments with advanced mixing, sampling and effects control features that offers a completely new and original approach to creative music production and performance.

 * 10 key faders. Like a keyboard, these faders control the sound output be it melodic or percussive, sampled or an effect. The key faders curve can be adjusted to add extra effect to the way in which the sound is outputted.

   * A master fader. Like a cross fader on a traditional mixer, the master fader controls the master sound output.

   * Octave control switch. With three settings, minus, neutral and positive you can augment the octave of the entire faderboard down one octave (-1) or up one octave (+1). The MF (master fader) can be reversed and the input signal can be set to pre or post.

   * 2-Band master EQ

   * Key Assign. The entire key fader register can be set to the key of C,D,E,F,G,A or B. Alternatively you can raise each key by using sharp (#) switch.

   * Smart Media. Using smart media technology you can upload various samples to the faderboard. Insert your Smart Media card at the back, select the sound and start your sample. Onboard sample

   * Effects. There are 12 preset effects on the faderboard. Wah, reverb, flanger, phaser, ring modulation, pitch shifter, compressor, distortion, decimator, resonator, filter and Delay. Effects can be switched to either on or off. Each effect parameter can be edited through an A and B edit dial.  



Input Line In (RCA) x 1 Phono (RCA) x 1 / Mic (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1
Output LINE OUT (RCA) x 1 / HEADPHONE OUT (φ6.3 PHONE) x 1
EQ 2 Band Master
Built-In Effects 12 kinds of Digital Effects
Auto Scale Major/Minor/Arabic/Gypsy/Blue Note
Sampling Format WAV. file/ AIFF file
Smartmedia Smartmedia
Dimension(s) / Weight 460(W) x 97(H) x 240(D)mm / 4.2kg
Power DC 15V