Turntablists bands are pretty rare on the planet, and those pushing the envelope so far you
can count on one hand...

Beyond scratch and technique, the band develops a strong musical and visual signature
between fantasy and street culture.

Their musical range is wide, from Hip-Hop and Jazz, to Drum'n'Bass, with some pinches of
Rock, Dubstep, or whatever feels right to their taste.

The set is eclectic but linked together by their unique sonic signature.

The tracks are mainly composed and arranged by Dj Supa-Jay. They don't work with
samples (except voices). All instruments were played by real musicians and recorded to give
the dj's the sonic material to create their songs.

Born in 2002, the band makes a name on the dj's championship circuit and then worked hard
to develop a unique stage-rocking set to play on the regular concert circuit.

Their show takes the audience through a trip in their twisted urban universe with the help of
scenography, lights and video (animatics).

“En petites coupures…”, their first record was released April 30th 2010.
the band pick up six tracks out of the 20-something made in past 3 years to offer a coherent
record, linked together by the horns section's work.
This is by far one of the most successful attempts to gather turntable technique and

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