Enomoto Brothers (MMA Fighter)

Yasubey Enomoto
Yasubey Enomoto born Switzerland. He started Martial Arts because he was a big 
fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Bud Spencer. Yasubey trains Brazilian Jiu 
Jitsu since 8 years, Boxing and Thai boxing about 7 1/2 years. In the age of 24 
he became Thaiboxing worldchampion and decided with his brother Felipe to open 
up there own Academy called the Enomoto Dojo. 1/2 year later he became Cage 
Fighters Championship world champion. So the doors where open now for the 
Enomoto bros to make a bigger step in the MMA business and travel to Japan to 
fight in the Sengoku show. December 30, 2011 Yasubey became 2nd in the Sengoku 
welter weight GP.
Name:            Yasubey Enomoto
Birthday:        15.12.1983
Nationality:   Swiss
 M-1 Challenge 25 Zavurov vs. Enomoto April 28, 2011
Sengoku Soul of Fight  Welther Weight GP 2nd place December 30, 2010 
 Sengoku 15, Japan Welther Weight GP 1/2 finals winner October 30, 2010
Sengoku 14, Japan Winner September 22,2010
Sengoku 13, Japan Winner June 20,2010
Cage Fighters Championship MMA Worldchampion 2009
IKBO Thaiboxing Worldchampion since 02.08.2008
Thaiboxing Swiss Champion 2007
Never Tap Asia Phuket Grappling champion
Hellcage MMA champion, Prague
Speyer Cage Fighting champion
S-1 Swiss MMA champion
Bodensee Cup Thaiboxing champion
one time UGC Grappling European Champion,
two times international German BJJ and Grappling champion
two times Swiss BJJ and Grappling champion
two times ADCC trials 2nd place
Felipe Enomoto
Felipe Enomoto born in Switzerland. As a teen Felipe was a DJ he mixed almost 
ever day in his room.
He fought  also in several DJ battles at local events. In the age of 18 Felipe 
began a Art school where he was focusing on painting.  After a while he decide 
to stop this type of Art to start Martial Arts. He trained and all over the 
world to become a complete  Martial Artis. After open up the Enomoto Dojo he 
became Cage Fighters Championship europe champion. He is training now Brazilian 
Jiu Jitsu for 8 1/2 years, Boxing and Thai boxing 8 years. I his career as a MMA 
fighter he fought in Japan, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Thailand etc... this year July.4 
he will fight for the ProFC light weight world title. 
Name:            Felipe Enomoto
Birthday:        27.8.1982
Nationality:    Swiss
ADFC 2, Abu Dhabi winner 2010 
Pancrase, Japan Winner 2010
ProFc Russia vs Europa winner 2009
Cage Fighting Championship European Champion 2008
Never Tap Asia Phuket grappling champion
Patong Stadium, Thailand Thaiboxing Champion
one time international German BJJ Champ
one time Swiss Shooto GPChampion
two times ADCC european trials 2nd place

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