"when i think of the VCM-600 2 words immediately come to mind. smooth and tough. the faders and knobs are the best i've felt on a midi controller. and it is tough as nails.
i haven't seen such good bumpers on a piece of gear since the 808. "

 One of the longest standing acts on the Wagon Repair roster, Colin de la Plante (aka The Mole)’s music exhumes the off-kilter techno qualities that has come to define the aforementioned label.
It’s a deep and dark sound through which he builds an eerie hypnosis on a foundation of loops and organic sounds -something that really adds an extra dimension to groove based techno.
Wagon Repairs roots were laid in Canada, namely in Vancouver where founding members
Mathew Jonson and Konrad Black grew up and met The Mole, although he’s since emigrated to
Berlin, for reasons we still can’t be 100% sure of but we think sound pretty cool.
As well as releasing his own productions over an array of labels, he co-runs the 7”label, 7 Inches
of Love, with Koosh and is part of Modern Deep Left Quartet - an further extension of the experimental improve-electronica act Cobblestone Jazz. 

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