DJ Sara&Ryusei;

Vestax’s newest PRO members
Sara and Ryusei have taken the World by storm!
They’re the youngest two kids with the most technique and flavor in the World and by ranking on Youtube’s top 10 FrontPage for over a month, they’re surely the most talked DJs for 2007! (Over a million views!!!

The two are still in elementary school, Sara in grade 3 and Ryusei still in Kindergarten.
Many may not know much about the two, but here’s a little something on the two Little Wonders from Osaka, Japan.

DJ Sara
Likes: Djing, music, Video games, drawing,
Favorite Foods: Melon, Strawberries, Hamburgers (
What I want: A computer
Future Goals: Number one Scratch DJ in the World
Favorite Music: Hip-hop, Dance Classics, Southern All-stars (Japanese)
Influences: D-styles, Toadstyle, Qbert

DJ Ryusei
Likes: Djing, music, Video games
Favorite Foods: Ramen (noodles) (
What I want: Video Games
Future Goals: To be better than my sister
Favorite Music: Hip-hop, Dance Classics, Anime songs (Japanese)
Influences: D-styles, Toadstyle, Qbert


 Simple Biography:

It all started 2 years ago on where the two entered the online, Unknown battle. Since then we’ve seen the two grow to be the most talented and youngest talked about DJs in the World!
Their skills are comparison to veteran DJs and at this speed, these two will become the best in the World!
At Vestax we support the two and hope to one day see the both of them rise to the top and become DJ Champions!

For more information, booking, etc on Sara and Ryusei please email: