Mike Relm

In a time when the skratch musician is once again shoved to the background behind drummers, guitar players, singers, and rappers, one lone skratch artist continues on the road much less traveled. Sharing the stage with nothing more than two turntables, a DVJ, a mixer, and a microphone, Mike Relm defies any preconceived notions of what a solo DJ can achieve musically and visually.

The dexterity of the turntablist. The 6th sense of the party rocker. The music palette of the obsessed record collector. The presence of the freewheelin' Bob Dylan. The couture of a Reservoir Dog. Mike Relm. Genres of music mean absolutely nothing to this champion turntablist. Using the skratch techniques which turned the Hip Hop world upside-down, Relm masterfully manipulates everything from Jimi Hendrix to Beck to Vince Guaraldi to Rage Against the Machine.

Born and raised in what has become known as the mecca of turntablism, San Francisco, Mike Relm played a critical role in the skratch music movement of the late 90's producing records and events. "Skratchcon 2000", which he directed, is to skratching what "A Great Day In Harlem" is to jazz. He made his debut on the silver screen on Doug Pray's award winning film "Scratch", where he was documented in a studio jam session with DJ Shadow. Relm's unmistakable style also led to a collaboration with Money Mark for music on "Along Came Polly" (Universal, 2004). Upon meeting director John Hamburg during the studio session, Relm was brought on to appear in several of the film's scenes.

Mike Relm has become a worldwide leader in the visual arts. He transforms every stage into his personal film festival, manipulating music and movies live to awestruck audiences. Never before has anyone attempted such an act, and it has been called the most brilliant thing a DJ has ever done on stage.

He's played alongside a wide range of artists including Outkast, Mos Def, Blackalicious, Money Mark, Saul Williams, NAS, The Greyboy All-Stars, MixMaster Mike, Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Wu Tang Clan, Gangstarr, Kelly Osbourne, Donald Trump, and Ron Jeremy. Yes, Ron Jeremy.

Mike Relm can heard on various albums including Radio Fryer a mix which he released in 2005, Awaken (Electromatrix, 2001), and Turntablist Revolution (Honda Recordings, 2001). His 2004 world tour was the subject of the documentary "Suit Yourself" (2005).

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