Spin2 RED, HMX-07 RED



We are happy to announce our new products, Spin2 RED and HMX-07 RED.


Spin2 RED (Japanese Limited Edition)

We have made red version of  Spin2 Red. The number of Spin2 RED is very limited.


For more information, please go to the link below.



Casting shapes for the sound artists pursuit. This is the origin of Vestax as a musical instrument manufacturer.We don't want you to listen to an unnecessarily fabricated version of your favourite song. We want you to listen to the groove and sound the artist intended. HMX-07 is designed with our obsession for sound as a musical instrument manufacturer.


The HMX-07 has improved from HMX-05.

We adopted a bibulous material for the ear pads, which keep your ears dry. We also adopted a new material for the main unit which makes the HMX-07 more durable and scratched-resistant.


Our long history in the DJ and pro audio industry allows us to listen carefully to the feedback of pro users and consumers alike.The result of this research is simply the best headphone we have ever designed: HMX-07.


For more information, please go to the link below.