SeratoDJ upgrade for VCI-300

Vestax Corporation is excited to announce support for it's VCI-300 and VFX-1 controllers with the latest version of Serato's flagship DJ software, Serato DJ 1.3.

Existing users of the VCI-300 and VFX-1 can now take advantage of all the advanced features that Serato DJ has to offer, such as Slip Mode, FX Expansion Packs and the iZotope・powered FX engine. 

For the full release notes, please go to

The upgrade to Serato DJ 1.3 is free for existing users of the VCI-300. Users should go to to download the software. No firmware or driver update is necessary. This upgrade is compatible with both the VCI-300 and VCI-300 MKII controllers. 

Vestax VCI-300 Quickstart Guide for Serato DJ

Serato DJ 1.3 Software Manual