DJ Jimmix

Jimmix was born in Mexico City. He has inherited music talents of the family. His father was a guitar player and his uncle, a professional drummer.

At age of 15 Jimmix was attracted by electronic music programs on local radio stations. Soon his dream was to be able to mix like his favorite DJ’s and to share the stage with them. Claudio Yarto, a well known Mexican DJ and Mix Master Mike were his idols in the early years. In that year Jimmix received from his parents what he later called “the gift of his life”, a gift that marked his pursuit of career path in DJ: two German turntables and a battery powered portable mixer.

Now armed with the tools of music making, he began spending hours and hours imitating his favorites DJs from the radio. Once a music school learned about Jimmix’s skills as DJ he was appointed as the official DJ in all the school’s events. During weekends he was not going out for fun as other teenagers were. His friends and classmates were coming to his house to dance while he was training and mixing House music.

Then came an event that drastically changed his DJ style. Jimmix was casually invited to a live DJ performance at a fancy discotheque in Mexico City and a video of 1992 DMC World Championship was shown on the large screen. He was absolutely taken by the new rhythm called “Scratch” in the DMC video.

Overwhelmed by the power and dynamism of the scratch Jimmix began looking for places in Mexico City where he could compete with other DJs. He learned about a store called Ger Discos that was organizing a 24 hours contest called DJ Marathon. Jimmix said he gained nothing from the marathon but the satisfaction of having his hands a set of professional turntables.

One night Jimmix was invited to a discotheque named Quality and the resident DJ didn´t come to work that night. So, he asked the owner to let him play. After this event he was hired as the official DJ of the club. His name and reputation spread like fire among the discotheques along the famed Insurgentes Avenue in Mexico City.

As the newly earned popularity continued to rise, so did the time pressure as he continued his study of Economics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). But he never gave up DJ as it became his passion.

In 2001 DJ School, the best known DJ school in Mexico organized their annual contest in association with DMC Mexico. Jimmix participated and won the 3rd place, a bit of disappointment for him. But in the 2003 competition Jimmix finally won the 1st place in the DJ’s School National Championship. He also won the top position in the 2004 championship. He was awarded as the best Mexican DJ in the Scratch category by the National Forum of Night Club Industry and by the Mexico’s DJ’s World Trade Show members and organizers. On the same year he was appointed as the official member of TASCAM DJ TEAM MEXICO. He made a significant contribution to positioning TASCAM in the Mexican DJ market.

Jimmix has been sharing the stage with many Hispanic and Latin bands such as Caló, Real Chicano, SBS, María José and Kanarias. He has also performed for major local TV stations likeTelevisa, TV Azteca, Telehit and Chanel 32 in well known programs like Muévete, Ritmoson, Programa de Hoy, Tempranito y Vías Alternas. He has been also playing together with international DJ’s such as DJ Styles at 2004 Expo DJ’s World trade show in Mexico City and Davey Dave (Uber Zone), from Cerritos, California, USA.

Jimmix has been appointed as the official DJ at the Fashion Week in Mexico City, a prominent fashion show in Mexico where both national and international designers were represented.

In August 2007 Jimmix won the Redbull Scratchmatch national contest, an event organized by Red Bull and DMC. Two months later he traveled to London to represent Mexico at the DMC World Championship and compete. He was the first Mexican scratch DJ to play at this prestigious international event.

In 2008 Jimmix was appointed as a member of VESTAX DJ TEAM and selected as MASTER DJ of VESTAX. MEXICO

Jimmix’s goal for 2008? No nonsense! He wants to be the top 3 DJ’s at the 2008 DMC World Championship in London.

Good luck Jimmix!

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