(Discontinued Product)

Vestax has been producing some of the highest quality effects units over the last 25 years. Taking into consideration the demands of the modern DJ and calling on their previous experience, the R&D team has created the most amazing delay effects unit to date in the DDG-X2. Great for any genre and any playing style the DDG-X2 is equipped with a large LED display, grounding post for direct connection to a turntable, and easy to use controls for great effects and loops.




 *LED Display : The large LED display facilitates two basic functions. The tope section displays the current meter, or the meter setting (like a metronome), whilst the bottom (numeric) section shows any adjustments to time/BPM and the current settings.

 *Depth Control : The depth control adjusts the setting of the delay's sweep (depth) from zero to maximum.
For example, with the delay time set to 2ms the sweep range can be adjusted (real-time) from 1ms to 4ms. (ms=milliseconds)

 *Feedback Control : Both the number of echoes (feedback) and the aural richness (dark/bright/color) of any input sound can be altered by using the DDG-X2 feedback controls.

 *Tap Button : Matching the BPM of your input source is easy with the TAP button. Each tap is equivalent to one beat, so tap in time with your source to set the tempo. The first four taps will initialize the count sequence, with the following taps being averaged to correct and maintain the precise BPM. No more fiddling with numeric controls that take up valuable mix time, just tap in time and create some great delay effects.

 *Effect Controls : Through the two effect control faders you can set the input level and make any adjustments to the effects output as desired. The effects switch bypasses the delay, returning the input signal to its original signal. The hold switch, when on, puts the delay signal in a hold pattern until you turn it to off.


DIMENSION(S) 218(W) x 88(H) x 104(D)mm / 1.1kg