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The era of the Turntable only being able to perform or play records for a DJ or consumer has now been re-invented to bring you a new instrument, the TURNTABLE INSTRUMENT.



Imagine being able to control the vinyl the way you need it to be played as, being able to hit notes and keys just like any other instrument.

With the introduction to the Controller One, the Turntables have became a product in making of a new industry category, Musical Instruments for DJs. (MIDJ)

Originally a concept shared by the one of the greatest Scratch composers, D-styles and scratch performer Ricci Rucker, this piece has evolved to suit and bring a new light into the World of Scratch and the DJ looking for more than just a pitch control and Djing.

Again like many of our pieces the Controller One has been seen by the World's best and top DJs, sharing each and everyone of their thoughts and comments to make sure we come up with the right product.

The Controller One is a piece focused not only on the Scratch DJ, but also to all DJs where they can incorporate the product to their Djing allowing them to be more innovative and creative whether in their mix, scratch or performance in total. We are here to expand on the current, market and to help those who need to advance in what they perform.

As we reach for the industry of MIDJ, we also need to educate the children that the turntable is an instrument, and that this can be a new culture added into the world of music.

We want to achieve this, and bring new life in the turntable. Inifinite potential with the new turntable brought to you by Vestax. Where sound and technology come together for DJs.



 *CONTROL MODE In this mode, there are three functions that are;

   FADER CONTROL, that automatically splits 100mm fader strokes into 16 to playback musical notes with maximum 2 octaves and enables you to play glissando like traditional fretless string instruments.

   BUTTON CONTROL, that automatically programs and playsback one octave musical note by assigining standard musical notes to one of the 8 control key positions. It plays up to 2 octaves by using Octave KEY.

   PEDAL CONTROL, that enables you to change notes from external foot pedal with maximum 2 octave music notes.

   It also enables you to change pitch with its standard pitch range of ±8, 10, or 60% by switching the mode to the PITCH MODE.

   FEATURES *Use the pitch fader or the SCALE BUTTON to match the pitch speed instantly to major and minor scales.

   *Change the scale with the foot switch while you scratch. Just as a guitarist would do with a wah pedal or guitar effects. Allow you to fully utilize the turntable with the scratch hand and feet to to control speeds and pitches.

   *The CONTROLLER ONE isn't a stand alone instrument. The vinyl sound can be tuned, for when you play with other instruments or in a band. It's just as though a band or orchestra would do before a live performance, tuning their gear to bring the right sounds to the audience.

   *If you're used to the normal pitch control, switch the pitch fader function to PITCH mode and play with a variable pitch range of ±8/±10/±60%.

   *7SEG pitch LED for easy view and to know what note or pitch point you are on is located at the top corner, to make sure you are on the right key and sound.

   *Vestax's original powerful AC direct drive motor provides the best torque and stable speeds to perform the best in sounds.

   *The pitch bend shifts up and down in half tones to play sharp and flat notes, enabling you to hit the notes and keys to the exactness.