The five bullet shape balance weights placed on the platter and rim hover spaciously around the round compact body, setting you off to the relaxing world of analog audio with superb crisp sound. 

*Left : 7 inch record  Right : LP record

> The built in high quality RIAA phono equalizer enables direct connection to your stereo system via LINE input. The CM-02 also has a PHONO/LINE output select switch for connection to PHONO input as a regular turntable.
> Various kinds of records including LP's, EP's and SP's can be played on the CM-02 with its 3-speed mode rotary switch. (33/45/78rpm) 
> The static balance, aluminum pipe S type tone arm has supreme tracing ability and vibrational characteristic.
> The 240mm diameter and extra thick acrylic platter together with 5 bullet shape body weights provide a sufficient inertial force, and a smooth quiet rotation. 
> USB digital out put and headphones input with level vol.
> A compact stylish design that blends in easily to your interior.
> The USB output and headphone output of the CM-02 is functional only in LINE mode. Both output connections are disabled in PHONE mode.

USB Connections
  Connect the USB port of the CM-02 to a USB port of a computer with a USB cable. The CM-02 works with the standard driver of the computer OS and does not require any special installment to send sound data.

  NOTE: The USB board of the CM-02 supports USB1.1 (USB2.0 compatible)
NOTE: OS (Operating System) Support
Windows: Windows 98/98SE / ME, 2000 / XP
(Please use the latest downloadable USB audio driver if using Windows XP)
Macintosh: Mac OS 9.1 and versions after
Mac OS X10 English Edition and versions after (Does not support Japanese edition)
Mac OS X10.1 Japanese Edition and versions after
Operation is not guaranteed for all computers and devices, even if the OS matches the terms above.


Motor DC Servo motor
Drive system Belt drive
Speed 33 1/3rpm,45rpm,78rpm
Pitch control +10%/-10%
Wow & Flutter 0.13%
S/N 60dB(ICE-B),70dB(DIN-B)
TONE ARM Type Static balance system
Effective length 230mm +-1mm
Offset angle 23
Over hang 15mm
Tracking error 2.35~1.3
Stylus pressure Adjustment range 0~7.0g
HEADPHONES   100mW+100mW max (at 32ohms load)
CARTRIDGE Model name VR-3S(Dual magnet)
Frequency response 15~20,000Hz
Sensitivity 3mV
Channel balance 2dB
Channel separation 20dB
Stylus pressure 2.5~3.5g
Tracking angle 23degree
Stylus for exchange VR-3SS
Weight 7.0g
OTHERS Dimensions 280(W)x138(H)x280(D)mm
Weight 4.7kg
Power AC 100V,115V,220V,240V 50/60Hz
Power requirements 10VA